About Dr. Judy's Approach

We can spend the better part of our lives trying to self-improve. We read books, go on diets, attend seminars and classes, meditate. Usually good ideas. But one day the little wrinkles we’ve been smoothing over become the big cracks we can no longer ignore. This is the day we are forced to realize that what we’ve been trying all this time isn’t working: we can’t reform ourselves.

If you are ready to go beyond smoothing the surface, beyond filling in the cracks, you are ready for transformation. I am committed to partnering with you on such a journey. With a comprehensive, philosophically-informed, biblically-grounded, and embodied perspective, I will help you discover and engage truths that can open up deep and lasting change.

I currently see clients from Denver and Colorado’s Front Range in my Denver office. Distance may preclude in-office work, but that is not a deterrent for those longing for change. Clients find that great work can be done via Skype or phone. Weekend and one-week intensives are also available upon request.

There are times when narrative therapy can be both quickened and deepened with the use of energy therapies, especially when traumatic experiences need to be processed. Please check out the Splankna/EMDR page for a bit more information on these protocols.