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Here you will find a variety of resources to help you along your journey, from printable client forms you can bring with you to your first appointment, to client recommendations and various book reviews on topics important to freedom. Please check back often as we are continually adding updates.

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Important Articles

Scientists explore the illusion of memory | CBC News

A memory might seem like a permanent, precious essence carved deep into the circuits of the brain. But it is not. Instead, scientists are discovering that a memory changes every time you think about it.

"Every time you recall a memory, it becomes sensitive to disruption. Often that is used to incorporate new information into it." That's the blunt assessment from one of the world's leading experts on memory, Dr. Eric Kandel from Columbia University.



Upon a friend’s recommendation, I began seeing Dr. Judy Bruce a couple months after I found out about my husband’s betrayal. Over the months, I’m not sure I would have made it without her support and encouragement.

Judy’s Biblical-based approach, her deep insights of Christ in my life during this tumultuous time and her strong understanding of psychology have helped me begin to transform my life. She has a keen understanding on what’s happening on an emotional level with me and what steps I need to take to not only survive but thrive as a woman and a mother both emotionally and physically. Finally, her use of Splanka has helped me learn some things about myself, enabled my husband to understand trauma in his childhood and has given us insights into how our children are adjusting to our “new normal.”

Judy is such a “deep soul,” and I truly view her as a gift from God in my life. I am so blessed to journey through whatever my future holds with her.

~ Current Client

"About 18 months ago I began to see a need for spiritual direction in my life and wanted to seek out someone to help me grow. In talking to one of my good friends, she said, 'Every time I meet with Judy, I walk away feeling like I just spent time with God and talked with someone about it.' I can't tell you how true this statement is. Judy continually encourages me to see where God is working in my life and how I can join Him in that process. She has walked with me through tough times and daily life alike. I continue to recommend Judy to my family and friends and would highly recommend her and her gifts to anyone!"

~ Current Client

"My experience in counseling with Judy transformed my heart and life. Not only did she grieve with and for me, but she offered me hope and the chance of new life in what seemed like dead places in my soul. I truly cannot say enough about who she is as a woman and a therapist. All I know is that as I write this tears well in my eyes...and that says it all."

~ Previous Client